Morbus, my 1st prize winning game!

By Tanzil Zubair Bin Zaman

Published on Feb 27, 2022


Feb 27, 2022

The Tech Stack

Godot, GDScript, C#

Coming Soon!

The writing for this is taking a lot more effort than usual!! Morbus really was a pivotal experience for me, and some new firsts for me as well, from starting and finishing a project I was legitimately proud of in about a day and a half, to coding for nearly all 36 of those hours. I broke past many limits I had had, and of-course, built Morbus along the way!

But a paragraph is not enough to encompass all that I did, learnt and felt in those crazy 36 hours, and so, when I’m finally done getting my thoughts to form a coherent string of sentences, it’ll be here.

Check back soon!